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Drive C Error

Start the Giraffe game. Place your stylus on the top of the screen, then press the down button. You'll see the DOS message "Error reading Drive C: Abort, Retry Fail?".

Development Team Credits

Start the Memory App. Place your stylus on the top of the screen, then press down button. You'll see a long list of the names titles "Development Team Credits".

Dancing Tree

Start the Giraffe game. Hit the Help button, then draw the '#' character. The hula-dancing tree will appear somewhere on the screen. Palm Computing, Palm tree.

Two Guys Photo

Start the Giraffe game. Place your stylus in the lower right corner then press the up button. You'll see a full screen photo of two people in suits.

Memory Application easter egg

Hold the stylus on the System V #.# text in upper left corner, press the scroll-down button. You get a list of authors of the Pilot.

Animated Taxi (only for Pilot 1000/5000)

In the memopad, holding the page-down can cause the app to scroll to other memos; one way to avoid this is to push page-down *after* starting the graffiti stroke. That is, pen down, push and hold page-down, drag pen to far left.

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