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Using Rechargeable Batteries

NiCads are the most inexpensive and widely used rechargeable batter, however they will not provide the most reliable power source for the Pilot. The full charge of a NiCad is 1.2 volts, while an alkaline has a charge of about 1.6 volts. NiCads also lose their power quickly over several days of non-use. Renewals are probably the best solution, because they can sustain their charge for a much longer time than NiCads, but they need to be recharged when the charge falls below 50%.

Auto-Pilot, using the Pilot in your car

To use your Pilot in the car, place it in an Auto Message Pad, which suction cups to the windshield. Replace the pad of paper with the pilot and strap it down with velcro strips.

Resetting the Pilot

Soft Reset - Not Data Loss. Paperclip in the reset hole.
Hard Reset - Complete Data Loss upon confirmation. Soft Reset + hold down POWER button.
Soft Reset+ - No Data Loss. Soft Reset + hold down the UP button. Will not execute the startup code of the installed applications. Poorly written programs, which can't be deleted from memory conventionally can be deleted after doing this reset.

Battery Advice

Eveready batteries will provide better performance in the Pilot over Duracel brand batteries, because of their respective sustained current rates. The Pilot draws relatively low amounts of current compared to other battery operated devices. Duracel performs better in devices that draw greater amounts of current, but Eveready batteries can last much longer in the Pilot, because they supply lower amounts of current over a longer period of time.

Turn Your Cradle to a Cable

I have one of the after-market wallet-style cases for my pilot. To hot sync, I either needed to remove my Pilot from the case to be able to fit it into the cradle, or buy the hot sync cable accessory (and start the hot sync via the hot sync application on the Pilot after finding the right screen -- kind of a pain). So, I took my hot sync cradle apart (it snaps apart) and took the two screws out which hold the circuit board to the larger piece of plastic. Then I cut off most of the plastic of the larger piece, leaving just enough material to still be able to screw the circuit board back on (what's left is about a .5" x .5" parallogram from the side), and reassembled. This turns the cradle into a hot sync cable, and now there's a button to start the hot sync. I just put my Pilot on it's back, slip the connector into the Pilot, and press the button.  — Bryan Cowger

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