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November 20, 2003 GMT

Network World Reviews Corsoft’s Plug2Net, Internet Access for Non-Wireless PDAs

From: Chirag Patel
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Network World Magazine’s senior reviews editor, Keith Shaw, has published an article about Corsoft’s new Plug2Net, a package of hardware and software that enables users of Palm OS devices without a wireless connection to access email or Web pages on their handhelds. The full review can be read at

Mr. Shaw remarks, “All this talk about wireless devices, and you're stuck with an older PDA that doesn't have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM/GPRS. All you have is that lousy infrared port. Corsoft feels your pain, my friend… For workers who are somewhat mobile but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wireless connection, this provides an alternative that's easier on the wallet. Road warriors with older devices (the software works on Palm OS 4 or higher) don't necessarily have to upgrade to the wireless connection to get Internet connectivity.”

Mobile professionals often need to access the Internet to obtain and manage information while on-the-go. Wireless connectivity options often restrict users to limited territories and lack ubiquitous coverage within those areas leading to loss of coverage, or difficulties in accessing and managing data. Corsoft developed the Plug2Net solution as a supplemental access to Internet data regardless of cellular service to enable users of devices not equipped for wireless connectivity to access the Internet using an infrared adapter (plugged into the USB port of a Windows PC) or via a serial interface.

"Plug2Net is an elegant solution that enables Palm Powered users to access the Internet and email easily," said Larry Berkin, director of developer marketing, for PalmSource. "Corsoft has used their expertise in mobile messaging to create a simple-to-use product that leverages the flexibility of Palm OS to give mobile professionals access to their data while on the go."

From any Internet-connected Windows PC, users can download the Plug2Net desktop software from Corsoft’s Web site ( and within minutes will be able to access email, browse the Internet or manage corporate data using infrared beaming or serial interface via the PC. The pass-through connection via the desktop software enacts security controls—essentially acting as the mobile devices’ Internet Service Provider. With a simplified point-to-point connectivity, Plug2Net provides supplemental access to the Internet.

Users of non-wireless PDAs can leverage the Internet connectivity of their cell phones to connect to the Internet by using either a serial or infrared interface. This capability allows users to access the Internet with their PDAs at times when they are traveling and a PC is not available. Plug2Net provides one-tap connection to most cellular carriers in the U.S. with an option to define custom configuration. The phone interface provides users with simplified dial-up connectivity.

The Plug2Net adapter is a very small (thumb-sized) device with an infrared port and includes a retractable cable. The adapter simply attaches to the USB port on any Internet-connected Windows PC.

The thumb-sized Plug2Net adapter is only 1.8” x 0.7” x 0.3” and the entire Plug2Net solution is available for US$99.95, including one year of Corsoft’s Aileron email application for free (a $49.95 value). A Bluetooth-enabled version is being developed and will be commercially available in the near future.

For further information about Plug2Net, visit:

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