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November 24, 2003 GMT

Flexible Innovations Releases Fourth Generation of Egripsä for Better Handling of Portable Electronic Devices

From: Belinda Banks
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Improved Material Allows Sturdy Grip on Slippery Cell Phones and PDAs

Flexible Innovations Limited, a leader in the development of advanced materials for mobile devices, is announcing today the fourth generation of its popular line of egripsä for mobile phones, PDAs, portable CD players, remote controls, and other handheld electronic devices. With egripsä attached, devices wont slide out of usershands or off the edges of slippery surfaces. egripsä are so strong, they can balance a cell phone on the edge of a car dashboard as the vehicle is moving. The new version is able to withstand wear and tear and peeling under heavy day-to-day use.

We now have a much more durable fourth-generation product that is as thin as the thinnest product we have ever offered,said Fred Antonini, developer of egripsä. It is probably 30% more grippy than what weve offered before.

With its new patent-pending material, egripsä are better able to withstand heavy usage and avoid peeling, even if users put their cell phones or PDAs in and out of pants pockets. Flexible Innovations casts its egripsä on a clear, nonstretchy film that provides a better bond to prevent peeling. The company has worked on the new material for more than nine months with a developer, who finally happened to get the right chemistry by coincidence. Its like the Post-It notes story,said Antonini. They did something by mistake and by chance it actually worked.

egripsä uses a high-technology elastomer material. The fourth generation of the product represents a genuine advance in combining the right adhesives, durometer, and thickness of materials. When egripsä are made, they rely on a composite of numerous layers of materials that are blended together. The new version has been tested since August and the strong new adhesive keeps the egripsä from coming off the device under normal wear and tear unless significant force is applied. However, users can easily peel off the eGripsä when they want since it employs pressure-sensitive adhesives.

egripsä derives its amazing properties from eskinzä, the trade name for a very low-durometer elastomer that is bonded to a thin plastic film. The total thickness of the material is only about .015 inches thick. The egripsä come in a package and are cut into patterns customized for the specific device and model being used. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and animal-like styles, including cheetah, peacock and elephant. With their dimpled texture, egripsä keep portable devices from falling or slipping off the desk. The eskinzä material is available in a transparent format that allows for the possibility of any graphic pattern, as well as a sewable format that can be stitched onto fabric.

egripsä can be used with a wide variety of handheld electronic devices, including cell phones, PDAs, portable CD and DVD players, remote controls, cordless phones, GameBoy units, GPS units, messaging devices, MP3 players, notebook computers, photography equipment, portable medical equipment, professional grooming products, scanners, and two-way radios.

Pricing and Availability
egripsä are available immediately and can be purchased in small quantities from for $9.95 - $10.95. Flexible Innovations also invites retail and wholesale inquiries, OEM applications, and specialty advertising opportunities. All inquiries can be made via the contact page on the website.

About Flexible Innovations

Flexible Innovations Ltd. designs, develops, and delivers to market exciting consumer products. Established in 2002 by Fred Antonini and based in Ft. Worth, Texas, the company is built upon Antoninis 20-year experience working worldwide in the field of flexible materials, including work with Motorola, Compaq, Dell, HP and Iomega. Today, Flexible Innovations offers egripsä, a product that stops cell phones and other electric and electronic handheld devices from sliding or slipping on virtually any surface. For more information on Flexible Innovations or egripsä, please visit

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