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November 24, 2003 GMT

New Version of FitalyStamp3 Ships for Kyocera 7135 and Samsung SPH-I500

From: Michael Steinberg
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New version of FitalyStamp3 ships for Kyocera 7135 and Samsung SPH-i500

Burlington, MA (November 25, 2003) -- Textware Solutions is pleased to announce that new versions of FitalyStamp3 for the Palm OS based Kyocera 7135 and Samsung SPH-i500 are now shipping. Each version has been designed to fit over the existing Grafitti area of the specified device.

FitalyStamp3 is the latest version of FitalyStamp, the unique keyboard overlay allowing 50 WPM on your Palm OS based device, and the fastest text input method with a stylus. As a Fitaly keyboard, it retains the unique speed advantages of the Fitaly design as well as the use of sliding to enter capital letters and numbers. And of course, a very significant advantage is to leave the device screen completely free for other things.

FitalyStamp3 Product Highlights:

General and Powerful Custom Slides
Prior versions of FitalyStamp already allowed the use of sliding to get capitals. (Sliding is the act of moving the pen to another key after the initial tap.) With FitalyStamp3, sliding is fully customizable for each letter, 8 directions and 2 slide lengths, so that you can have more than 600 different slide definitions.

This lets you define all the shortcuts you may need: special characters, often used words or common phrases, or anything else that makes your work easier on a Palm.

Macro Capability
Taking custom slides even further, FitalyStamp3 also allows you to define macros that are expanded by sliding. Macros can include special keys such as and , the command key, and the
shortcut key. They can also include commands to launch an application, display the time, toggle the backlight, simulate a tap on a button, and so on. And by chaining commands, macros can achieve a good degree of automation.

Launcher Capability
Fitaly Version 3 adds two Launcher features to FitalyStamp: As the keyboard is always there, it makes sense to use it as the starting point of all actions. Launching applications is therefore a natural extension.

For More Information

FitalyStamp3 is available for many Palm OS based models. Textware Solutions also offers FitalyVirtual, an on-screen version of FitalyStamp for the Sony Clie NX-80 and NR-70 models. For more details, product photos or to order any FitalyStamp product, please visit the Fitaly web site today:

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