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Secret! 3.1
Password Store With Strong Encryption

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from:  LinkeSOFT



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Marking records Private is not secure. Keep your data Secret!
Anybody getting access to your handheld can perform a HotSync and read your private records with a standard hex editor.

To have all your passwords, account information, credit card numbers, financial data, personal identification numbers (PINs), and even your on-line banking transaction numbers (TANs) stored in a safe place, keep them (in) Secret!

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Support for virtual silkscreen of Tungsten T3
Support for Tungsten five-way navigator
Find now also searches record titles

Enter letter in list view jumps to first record starting with that letter
Improved password generator with WEP key support
Support for additional small font on high-res handhelds (Sony and Palm)
Collapse paragraph mode (paragraphs are separated by a blank line)
Bug-fix with auto-close

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